General Conditions

Minimum rent period - 24 hours.
If the vehicle is returned upon contract expiration with no advance notification, the costumer is charged as follows: up to 1 hour - no charge, from 1 to 4 hours - half of the rent sum, more than 4 hours - the entire rent sum. If agreed in advance, the costumer can pay per hour but within the workday. In case of a delay more than 12 hours upon contract expiration and no advance notification of LESSOR, the rented vehicle is considered misappropriated and LESSOR notifies the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as the insurance compagny and declares them to be searched.

  • For every day of delay for paying the installments, LESSEE owes a penalty and the sum deposit remains in favour of LESSOR.
  • The present contract is valid as of the date of renting the vehicle till the last date of rent payment.
  • In case LESSEE would like to continue to use the vehicle upon contract expiration, LESSEE shall notify LESSOR no later than 12 hours in advance.
  • The contract price does not include the fuel costs, the garage fees as well as the fees for parking and washing the vehicle.
  • When contract is terminated, LESSEE is obliged to return the vehicle in a good condition, washed and cleaned, in technical status corresponding to the depreciation for the particular mileage.
  • Partial lacks and loss of parts or accessories are paid for in full by the costumer as are the damages of the vehicle interior (upholstery, dashboard, seats, decorative ceiling, etc) and the same are paid at market prices.
  • Fuel - the type and the quantity of the fuel are described in the reception protocol. When the vehicle is returned, the fuel shall be as described in the protocol, and in case it is more in quantity LESSOR does not owe an indemnity to LESSEE.
  • For additional equipment (child seat, boot, anti-slippage chains) LESSEE pays 5 BGN per day for each item but no more than half of the rent per day.
  • LESSEE can rent the vehicle to drive it abroad only upon an advance order. Some destinations are restricted. No discounts for long use of the vehicle. Deposit of 1000 BGN.
  • Deposit. If such is paid, it presents a warranty and cannot be used for paying if the time period is prolonged. The deposit is returned upon contract and on condition that LESSEE has fulfilled his/her obligations under the present contract.
  • If LESSEE is younger than 23, they pay a young-driver fee equal to half of the rent price for every day of rent but only for the lowest vehicle class.
  • No-liability fee is paid by costumer's request - it covers damages of tires, wheel rims, hubcaps, front glass - 10 BGN per day.
  • In case of lost vehicle documents or keys - penalty of 200 BGN.

Obligations of LESSOR
  • 1

    To provide the described vehicle equipped with the tools and the accessories described in the reception protocol.

  • 2

    The pay the insurance sums, the road tax and the vignette fees for the vehicle.

  • 3

    To pay the expances for maintenance and exploitation of the vehicle for the time period it is rented.

Obligations of LESSEE
  • 1

    To have been holder of a valid motor license for at least 2 years, to be of a minimum age of 23, identity card (passport).

  • 2

    LESSEE has no right to use the vehicle for racing, education, tests, training, pulling other motor vehicles, heavy goods or bulk goods transportation as well as animals or materials of explosion hazard transportation.

  • 3

    To keep the rented vehicle with the care of a good owner.

  • 4

    LESSEE has no right to re-rent ot give the right to use the vehicle to anyone other than the people authorized in this contract.

  • 5

    In case of a damage caused by LESSEE, LESSEE pays for the materials and the repairs.

  • 6

    LESSEE has no right to a free transportation in case of damage or road accidents, LESSEE bears all the consequences.

  • 7

    In case of a road accident, LESSEE requires a protocol from the Road Police and gives the protocol to LESSOR within 24 hours.

  • 8

    In case the road accident is caused by LESSEE and repairs of the rented vehicle take more than 5 days, LESSEE pays for every day after the 5th day of repairs in accordance with the tariff plan of relevent vehicle, but no longer than 30 days.

  • 9

    In case the vehicle is stolen, LESSEE is obliged to notify the competent organs and require the corresponding documents from them. In case the registration certificate and the vehicle keys cannot be returned, LESSEE pays out the entire value of the vehicle at market prices.

The full sum covers LESSEE's liability for vehicle damages unless:

  • No police protocol is represented about the damages.
  • The driver drives after using alcohol or opiates.
  • The driver of the vehicle is not authorized by this contract.
  • The place of the road accident is left.
  • In case of a road accident where no road-police protocol is represented, all expenses for transportation, repairs, parts and materials are paid by LESSEE.